Aesthetic Practitioner

Our Aesthetic & Cosmetic Practitioner provides the best non-surgical aesthetic treatments with long-lasting results.

Achieve younger, better looking skin without plastic surgery.

At TimRon Health & Wellness Centre, we offer the very best non surgical cosmetic procedures, ranging from dermal fillers, volumization to skin tightening. With vast experience and using the latest technology, our Aesthetic & Cosmetic Practitioner ensures you will look your youthful best, both now and in years to come.

Aesthetic Cosmetic Doctor Johannesburg

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Keeping your face smooth and supple is no easy task. Wrinkles form as our skin gets older and less elastic, and the sun does its fair share of damage too. We offer different anti-wrinkle treatments without any need for surgery. Contact us today to find which treatments one is right for you.

Non-surgical Facelifts Johannesburg

Non-surgical Facelifts

Natural looking and long-lasting treatments for women and men in the safest, most medical environment. Restore, enhance and define your features with save and effective non-surgical facelift treatments carried out by our friendly Cosmetic & Aesthetic GP.

Medical Weight Loss Johannesburg

Medical Weight Loss Programs

Our Aesthetic & Cosmetic GP treats the cause of obesity and not just the symptoms. Because of this approach we have an excellent success rate. We offer a variety of affordable, non-surgical weight-loss treatments that will help you lose weight and learn how to healthfully keep the unwanted weight off.

Lipo-B Injections Johannesburg

Lipo-B Injections

Lipotropic nutrients are a class of agents that plays an important role in the body's use of fat. They enhance the liver and gallbladder's role by decreasing fat deposits and by speeding up the metabolism and removal of fats. This weight loss treatment aids in proper metabolism of fats, provides an energy boost, helps control cholesterol levels and gallstones and helps keep skin tone healthy and nails strong.


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Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Non-surgical anti-Wrinkle treatments with long lasting effects.

Derma Fillers

Dermal fillers rejuvenate the skin by filling and lifting fine lines and wrinkles, or adding volume where needed.

Silhouette Soft

The 21st century face lift without surgery. A technological innovation offering restored volume in 30-minutes.

Slender Wonder

Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss programme done by accredited medical doctors.

Obi Facial RX

Complete skin care regimen to reduce hyperpigmentation and address the signs of skin aging caused by photoaging. Valid prescription required.

Lipo-B Injections

Vitamin B12 + Lipotropic amino acids aid in proper metabolism of fat, removal of fat from the liver and help to digest food.

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