Dentistry Community Work

Posted by: Dr. Tim Struwig

Meet Nana Ntobela. She has been suffering from a disease called Elephantiasis. We wanted to help her get her smile and confidence back. Watch the Video!

My long time patient Mrs.Ernie Brown attended my surgery recently for her routine dental check up and clean and whilst leaving she asked me if I do any charity work....... I said yes and she told me about her dear friend Nana Ntobela who has been suffering from a disease called Elephantiasis (a disease causing severe swelling of the lymph nodes)

The problem was that because of her size (caused by the disease) there was no way that Nana would be able to fit in my dental chair........I said to Ernie that I cant promise anything as I didn't know if my equipment could reach the patient in order to do the work necessary to restore Nana's smile as her wheelcair would need to be placed next to my dental chair in order for me to attempt the procedure.

As Nana arrived I immediately took a liking to her and knew that I simply HAD TO help this lovely lady get back her smile and her confidence.......  It surely was not easy and definitely a bit unorthodox at times but we got her smiling by the end of the procedure. 

Nana's reaction after the procedure certainly brought a tear to our eyes at TimRon Heath and Wellness Centre. She will forever be a part of us after her visit, we hope you enjoy your new smile and go from strength to strength whilst fighting your disease.  The world would be a much better place with more people like Nana Ntobela.