You Gotta Nourish to Flourish

Posted by: Dr. Tim Struwig

5 Harmful Habits to get rid of this Women’s Month

We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat”, but have you ever heard of the one that goes “We are what we repeatedly do”?

As a woman, the health of your family and loved ones are of primary importance, sometimes (yes, most of the times) even more important than your own health. You think of everything – regular doctors appointments and checkups for the children, healthy lunches for your significant other, constantly reminding your elderly parents and friends to stay active and “just go for a walk”. Then when there is time (and energy) left, you focus halfheartedly on yourself.

We often forget that some of the small things that we do regularly, on a daily basis and without even thinking about them, have a much bigger impact on our health than all the seemingly big things we do right. Here are five harmful habits that you can get rid of this women’s month to make self-care your priority – every single day.

1. Not Taking A Break From Your Smartphone
Don’t underestimate the value of a smartphone detox.
Yes, we know it is important to stay up to date and in the loop. Staying in contact with your family and loved ones and checking social media regularly has become part of our daily lives. Recent studies have shown that obsessively checking our phones and immediately replying to messages cause unnecessary stress. Switch your smartphone to silent, turn off your push notifications and live in the moment – your health will thank you.

2. Not Limiting Your Bacon and Cheese Sandwiches
Your daily dose of protein could be doing more harm than good.
Animal proteins, such as meat and cheese, are rich in IGF-1, a hormone that can promote the growth of cancer cells. Replace some of these animal proteins with vegetarian and plant-based protein sources. The same amount of protein, but with fewer side effects.

3. Not Keeping Your Double Espressos At Bay
A coffee a day keeps the grumpy away.
Who doesn’t need that extra cup of coffee to keep you awake for the second half of the day? Even though coffee is filled with antioxidants (and helps you stay awake) it can also have some potential negative side effects. Remember – moderation is key.

4. Not Leaving Your Desk
Sitting all day could lead to a variety of health problems.
Eating lunch at your desk may seem completely harmless when you have deadlines to meet, but this seemingly innocent lunchtime routine can negatively impact your health. Staring at the computer screen while mindlessly finishing the food you packed the night before decreases your levels of physical activity and has a harmful effect on your stress levels. Being distracted also makes it a lot easier to overeat. Grab your lunchbox, take a walk and go have a laugh with your coworkers – your social life, as well as your mental and physical health – will thank you for it.

5. Not Getting Enough Sleep
Indeed, sleep does solve everything.
When you are constantly busy and on the move, it can be easy to assume that being tired is normal. Not getting at least 6 – 7 hours of sleep can cause a host of health problems. Studies have shown that hitting the snooze button disrupts your sleep and therefore diminishes the benefits of rest. If you feel that you aren’t getting your beauty sleep – take action or talk to a health professional to see if you might be suffering from a more serious condition

Habits change into character? Maybe. Habits change into health? Definitely. Make an appointment with our friendly family doctor today to ensure your daily habits aren’t harming your health in the long term.