Personalised physiotherapy to help you get back to wellness and wholeness.

Quality Physio treatments, based on scientific principles, in a tranquil environment.

Our Physiotherapist uses the latest technology and effective orthopedic treatment techniques to restore and enhance stability, flexibility, and biomechanical functionality.

Physiotherapist Johannesburg

Pain Management

We have a passion for the treatment of patients battling with chronic pain, caused by a chronic condition or a severe injury. This involves so much more than just the structures that were injured or that are affected. It also involves finding and teaching the coping skills involved with chronic pain.

We also believe in empowering the patient with knowledge about their condition as well as giving them skills to cope at home, away from the treatment environment.

Physiotherapist Johannesburg

Sports Rehabilitation

This involves the treatment of sports related injuries like muscle and joint injuries. After treating the injury, it involves the rehabilitation back to sport specific function so that the patient can get back to participating in their chosen sport with full confidence.

Physiotherapist Johannesburg

Orthopaedic rehabilitation

We treat any orthopaedic problem including rehabilitation post-surgery, joint injuries, arthritis, neck pain or injury as well as back pain or injury. The treatment is two-fold – managing the pain and inflammation as well as facilitating the return to normal activities of daily living.

Physiotherapist Johannesburg

Chest/Lung Physio

We are equipped to treat any lung condition – in adults and children – like sinusitis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia and asthma. This treatment will include the physical treatment as well as all the advice and home treatment techniques to assist you in recovering from these conditions.


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